Week 2 – Strawberry fields

The weather was horrible with rain and low stratus clouds, perfect for what I was hoping to capture as the autumn season gets underway and the workforce thins out. I wanted to get some wide shots across the larger areas that are in use for growing and to get the somber mood that the low cloud and rain bring to the scene. Did not all go to plan, my bike was not working and when I went to use my standby compact for some zoom shots, the SD card packed up and died.

Gathering thoughts for my research project, I don’t know which direction to take it for now, I thought I had a clear view but that was premature and in reality what I want to shoot as my FMP is unlikely to be what interests me today. I am not that stuck on it that I will persevere, regardless. With new knowledge and insights, I can see this changing over time.

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