Week 3 -Shooting and further developing research project ideas

Still having trouble settling on a theme for my research project for this module, although I have several in mind, I need to close in on one and focus on producing work and getting the research underway in parallel. I spent some time around the strawberry fields, which were quite busy. The mega greenhouses still have my attention, and I decided to use Google maps to locate a few in the local area. This was a worthwhile exercise and a couple of hours onsite exploring and photographing was time well spent. I am a bit more confident that I have found a theme to build my research project on for the coming weeks.

During the weekly webinar there was a remark that using film really limits the volume of images that need to be reviewed, I can definitely subscribe to that line of thinking, I have far too many digital images. If I had shot on film, this would be a simpler task in down selecting promising work.

A further theme I have started to explore is comparing Google Streetview images with recent changes to the environment. This would be somewhat similar to the work of Bernd & Hilla Becher and their documenting of a disappearing industrial landscape. In one respect I like the idea of recording the changing landscape and gradually eroding cultural heritage, but I don’t feel I would be pushing my photography practice. This needs more thought before discounting as a theme, but it is not top of my list.

TATE. 2020. ‘Who Are Hilla And Bernd Becher? | Tate’. Tate [online]. Available at: https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/bernd-becher-and-hilla-becher-718/who-are-bechers [accessed 10 Oct 2020].

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