Ten kinetic sculptures by Anne Lilly

Feeling guilty for not getting underway with my contextual research/development log. Writing up the course and project work has kept me very busy last 3 weeks. I am interested in all forms of artistic expression and intend to post here work I find interesting, insightful and relevant to my personal development as a photographer and in my MA studies. Often looking at the work of others provides me with new ideas and ways to explore and experiment further with my practice. A lot of the ideas don’t work out, but I am a bit richer from the experience.

I have had this short film of kinetic sculptures on my to do list to post. The artist is Anne Lilly who is a sculptor that uses fabricated metals to create objects that manipulate our perceptions of time, place and self. I find her work mesmerising and the accompanying soundtrack Pergolesi “Stabat Mater” fits perfectly. One clover, and a bee I could watch for hours.

LILLY, Anne. 2019. ‘Anne Lilly | Sculpture’. [online]. Available at: http://www.annelilly.com/index.html [accessed 11 Oct 2020].

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