Week 4 – Project selection and shoots

Research is underway for my project proposal with a high-level plan in schematic form. Richard created a short video explaining how he uses Mindmap to organise his thoughts and research, I intend to follow his methodology. I prepared for my 1:1 briefing with my tutor and have several sets of images tied to different themes of the same concept. I am tending towards the greenhouses sub-project for this module. As we move into the Winter months, the other project at the strawberry fields slips into hibernation mode while the greenhouses carry on, regardless.

I have yet to decide if I want to create a typology of greenhouses similar to the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher or, venture inside and document the interior, the operations and people who work and manage these giant growing facilities. Covid is again very bad in our area and as the greenhouses make use of migrant labor, a risk assessment probably would show this is probably more risk than necessary and the only available mitigation is a mask and distancing. As I don’t know how these things operate internally, I cannot judge the efficiency of either mitigation. Essentially a no go for now.

Using Google Maps I have identified several growing facilities to visit, I expect 30 should be a realistic target by the end of the module. That will be sufficient imagery to decide on how to present.

This week I was at a new strawberry growing facility. The weather and lighting were good, overall quite a nice set of images. No people today, completely deserted, adds an interesting atmosphere to the images.

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