Week 6 – Fieldwork & shoots

This week I visited Someren which has a couple of large commercial greenhouse areas which I wanted to check out, take some sample shots and get the lie of the land. This is a large area of glasshouses, enormous things and the place is almost empty (Sunday helps).

I have been trying to catch the nearest greenhouse to me with its lights on at night and have missed so far. Given the size of this place and another nearby at Asten, I may come here for an evening session and see what they illuminate. There were a couple of pig farms nearby and I got a few shots for my bring out the dead project. At the minute that and the greenhouses look to be in best shape for the end of module portfolio assignment.

Next week I intend to start in depth on my project proposal, last weeks I have been collecting research papers and links to investigate. I expect I will sketch out the high level project and then split out the 4 main themes.

  • Strawberry fields
  • Migrant workforce
  • Commercial greenhouses
  • Bring out the dead

Covid rules out the migrant workforce unless it’s from a distance, the other three are possible unless there are restrictions around movement and distance from home. The oral presentation preparation has helped to shape up the project proposal and given me a better sense of what is going to be workable and within my abilities to execute successfully.

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