Week 7-8 Project related research

Not much time spent in the field in week 7 and as became clear in this weeks course leaders presentation images need to be created within the time boundaries of the module, anything I create now can only be used in this module so my plans for night shoots move to the second week of December. Not a problem, as plenty of research needed in preparation for the project proposal.

The ‘Bring out the dead’ sub-project is coming along and time has been spent researching the work of Hieronymus Bosch, specifically his ‘Haywain’ painting and iconography used in his imagery. Some documentation I wanted to use has been written in Dutch, which is a complicating factor.

The HayWain by Hieronymus Bosch

I have been working on the composite images and gone through multiple iterations of taking selected iconography and applying it to various containers used for covering dead livestock. During the peer review, I was asked if these are painted on by the farmers. This was interesting as I now realize these images are probably a bit too esoteric and without a supporting explanation are likely to be seen as artistic livestock coffins. Although the plain fact that these animals are basically dumped at the roadside is bad enough without any allegory for added effect.

I continue with this project and listen to what my peers think of it. If it gets a bit too far out there, I can park it.

‘Glass houses’ is proving to be a bit more difficult to articulate a narrative, I could take an Ed Rusha tongue-in-cheek approach and document ’13 glass houses’, the images have received positive feedback so there is something in there to explore further on presentation.

Ed Rusha Number 22 from 26 Gasoline Stations 1963

The Bernd and Hilla Becher idea is not really working out for now although I need to go through the images for the front on shots of the company entrances as they have some potential, in and of themselves they are rather monotonous, much like the industrial parks they nestle against but that has an aesthetic value worth exploring further. There could be some mileage in a combination of front on shots laid out as juxtaposition, although this rather lacks a readily discernible comparison in form and function. More interesting is a grid layout which I intend to investigate once I gather some more imagery.

End of week 8 I got to a new glasshouse location near Helmond, kind of interesting. One was illuminated by LED which was quite an impressive sight, made quite a few images but need to find time to rate them. I have most of the images finished and the portfolio site completed, this will stay for the rest of the course to track completed project images.

At this point I probably drop the greenhouses from the 701 WIP assignment, I am not able at present to nail the intent and context of the work other than to the higher level theme of industrialisation, this needs more thought before presenting for formal assessment. By the end of module two I should be more confident in the work, its context, and how that is presented.


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