Photography: A Critical Introduction by Liz Wells

On the recommendation of my tutor, I picked up a copy of Photography: A critical introduction by Liz Wells. Not far into it but really like it. One quote caught my eye by Oliver Wendell Holmes that made me think about the work covered so far in the course and how we approach photography.

Every conceivable object of Nature and Art will soon scale off its surface for us. We will hunt all curious, beautiful grand objects, as they hunt the cattle in South America, for their skins, and leave the carcasses as of little worth. (Holmes 1859: 60)”

This idea of collecting the beautiful for its exterior or visible qualities and simply discarding whatever the subject seems very relevant to contemporary image making. The relentless stream of imagery, who has time to look and see.

WELLS, Liz. 2015. Photography: A Critical Introduction. Routledge.

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