Week 9 – Audience

I have spent this week researching for my project proposal and in particular how to structure and create a proposal. Clearly this is a critical skill for grant funding, a badly prepared proposal will not lead to funding and only be a disappointment after several rebuttals.

A few key attributes came to the top of the list of do’s and don’t for writing persuasive proposals. Excellent writing skills are critical to this exercise.

  • Have a short, succinct explanation of what it is you want to do
  • Have a plan on how you are going to realise this
  • Include some work in progress to demonstrate ability

There are many other important aspects but these seem to be consistently quoted, and if I apply it to my current day job where I see a lot of proposals for technical solutions they make sense. Like a CV you want to catch someone’s interest from the opening paragraph and have just enough information to get to the next stage in the recruitment process.

One proposal I found which I particularly liked was Robert Franks application for a Fellowship to the Guggenheim Foundation for his ‘Americans’ project and his concise statement of project. This is a great catch to lead into the main proposal and more detailed breakdowns.

This week included my 1:1 feedback with my tutor on the oral assignment, overall I was very pleased with the result and feedback was positive. Continue reading and building knowledge. The next module will introduce a lot of new ideas to help in further developing this area.


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