Week 9 – Project progress

This week I have been bringing together my project proposal into a working document. Together with the coursework focusing on how to prepare a research proposal, it has been a productive period. The proposal is proving to be more difficult to articulate than I first expected, this is due to it needing to stretch out for the duration of the MA and potentially encompass the final major project. Although it has been made clear that is not by any means a hard requirement, and I expect a change as the course progresses.

Based on advice from my tutor, I will most probably keep my research proposal and WIP portfolio to a single theme for the upcoming assignment. Writing the proposal with the three sub themes was becoming clumsy and difficult to maintain consistency as they are at varying levels of maturity, critical context is underdeveloped and they have differing dependencies which could significantly alter planning and outcome. As the themes mature, I can introduce them into the ongoing work or simply let them drop without having to adjust plans.

On the practical side, I got out this weekend and to shoot some more work in and around the strawberry fields, including a new area that I have not visited previously. I wanted to experiment with medium format film for this theme around the migrant workers and the plantations. Saturday did not go so well and I ended up with two junked rolls of 120 when my daylight loading tank ate the film and exposed it in the process. I skip the Rodinax for 120 and use a Jobo instead. Hopefully, the 2 rolls shot on Sunday come out ok, although I shot the same on digital just in case; confidence in film suitably dented after Saturdays fiasco.

I do want to get the shooting and home developing BW sorted out so I can move onto colour slides. As part of the ‘Bring out the dead’ theme, I intend to project previously taken images onto structures and re-photograph the work. This opens the door for revitalising the original series and to further shape the narrative around this aspect of the meat industry.

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