Week 10 & 11 – Project work

With the cooler weather and approaching Winter months, there is not a great deal of action around the strawberry fields, and the meat production facilities are even quieter than usual. I developed 2 rolls of 120 film, which I shot on the SWC. This is equivalent to about 21mm on a 35mm camera and creates a look I am experimenting with for some later project related work.

‘Bring out the dead’ is taking more time in articulating and justifying the concept than I am in taking images. I now have this motivated, although it is a difficult topic and aestheticizing any aspect of the meat industry is likely to draw criticism.

As I research the meat industry, the topic does not get any lighter and the sheer scale of it is incredible. I have identified several texts I need to read to further build on my knowledge & understanding and to develop the critical context of my work. How did the meat industry come to its present form, how are people convinced to disassociate animals from meat, which practitioners have tackled awareness of what goes on in the industry?

Reading list, there is quite a lot to read on the course as it is, so fitting this in is going to be challenging.

HANNAN, Jason. 2020. Meatsplaining: The Animal Agriculture Industry and the Rhetoric of Denial. Sydney University Press.

LYMBERY, Philip. 2014. Farmageddon. Bloomsbury Publishing.

NIMAN, Nicolette Hahn. 2014. Defending Beef. Chelsea Green Publishing.

SINCLAIR, Upton. 1988. The Jungle. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.

SPECHT, Joshua. 2020. Red Meat Republic. Princeton University Press. 

I digitized the negatives using the Lomography holder but I am not that keen on it, there is no diffuser to ensure an even light distribution and the mechanism for holding the negative flat is not ideal. I ordered an essential film holder from the UK, as that is relatively cheap and has a lot of excellent reviews. I will re-scan this set to compare the difference.

Over the 2-week period I visited my usual haunts and in searched out new farms to visit. Quite successful, although I have spent little time on the images other than importing and tagging.

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