New Myth

As I increasingly look at the work of others and the concepts that underlie their work, I realise how difficult it is to create something new, and not to rework tired old ideas. I found this quote of J. G. Ballard particularly relevant as I reflect on my work, what the purpose is of the concepts and images and what if anything is original about them or a ‘new myth’. Very little, I’m afraid on reflection.

J.G. Ballard

[As an artist] unless you’ve got a really powerful imagination (it doesn’t matter what form or medium it is), you will have nothing… unless you’ve got some idea of your own, you’ll get nowhere – you can juxtapose all the bizarre images in the world, [but] unless there’s some new myth emerging… nothing is more tiresome than yesterday’s experimental movie or experimental fiction. (RE/Search #8/9, 1984, p.19)

‘RE/Search #8/9: JG BALLARD’. 2021. RE/Search Publications [online]. Available at: [accessed 12 Jan 2021]

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