Experimenting with Infrared

I am hovering between two related but separate pieces of work, both building on and a continuation of my research project proposal. Many of the local factory farms are in themselves interesting objects to image, they have a distinct unnerving presence which is something I want to see if I can capture. There are a few locations which I constantly revisit at different times and weather to find the aesthetic I am searching for. I know how I want this work to look and why, although I am still at a loose end if I include any iconography from Bosch this time.

Work I have found that is influential for this project is from Kanji Mizutani and his photobook ‘indigo’. The example photograph below creates a desolate impression. The heavy industrial structures and distant skyline look like something forgotten from the Victorian era. There is a nightmarish quality to the image that seems to reach into the unconsciousness, similar to the outdoor settings in the film Eraserhead by David Lynch. There is depressing familiarity to these industrial dinosaurs, colorless, lifeless, no soul.

The following images are from the previous week when conditions were close to ideal, sharp winter sun, high-level cirrus and clean shadows. This is heading in the right direction but I still have to research the work of others who image in infrared, Richard Mosse and his work in the Congo for example. Although I intend to have the images in black & white, infrared brings me closer to the surreal & disturbing atmosphere I want to convey.


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