Abstract Polaroids

Saw these on Reddit and think they are great. I really like the work of Diasuke Yokata and how he chemically manipulates old color plates to create abstract damaged leaking colours. This is similar on a smaller scale, colours are not quite so vivid and the chemical process seems different but the results are unique.

Never thought of using Polaroids like this and can see a lot of interesting possibilities for experimenting with the idea. Kristopher describes his process as:

My techniques are different for every piece. My primary manipulation technique is exposing the Polaroid to light after it is ejected from the camera. I shoot most of my shots without flash in a dark room before exposing it to various forms of light, heat, chemicals, bending, etc.

From the Photobook ‘Sediment’ by Diasuke Yokota.

Diasuke Yokata, Sediment. 2019


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