Week 9 – Project development

Project development proceeds at a steady pace. I decided to concentrate on creating 8 composite images for my WIP, mostly to prevent having too much work on the go and then not spending enough time on creating the composites at the quality I want to achieve. At the suggestion of my tutor I have been using Miro to review my work and in helping to sequence images, very impressed, wish I had known about it before.

A further suggestion from the last webinar was to consider weaving images from the decommissioned factory farm into the composite series to add additional depth to the work. The images I had taken of the farm being dismantled did not have this idea in mind, they were an unplanned shoot.

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak with a framer who is in the process of dismantling his factory pig farm and to go inside and take pictures. This was a stroke of luck and it was super interesting to hear directly from the farmer the workings of a pig farm and to hear their side of story. This is one of my research objectives to understand the perspectives of the different actors in the meat industry and not only those that have objections.

Overall, the images came out well and are quite ok as a standalone series, where I ran into difficulties was combining this series with the composite images, aesthetically they mostly work but conceptually I am having a hard time in explaining why they should go together. I had it in mind to create a separate series that was based around the facility and interior but not combined with the deadbox series.

I’m going to have to think on it and play around with the images in Miro to see what comes together. I do like the idea and I have the concepts for both series, so it’s really a matter of how to combine the narratives in a way that makes sense visually.

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