Week 10 Enter the Academy

Paul Lindsay | Gluttony & Factory Pig Farm

This week’s task is to research a group exhibition that I think my work could fit into, consider the curatorial intent of the exhibition and reasoning why my work could be included.

The 2015 ‘Meat’ exhibition held at the Global Group 3000 gallery in Berlin is the kind of exhibition I would apply for to showcase my work. The exhibition program was not limited to photography and included objects, photo, photocollage, installation, video, action, lecture & talks, which makes for varied exhibits and activities to appreciate. The curatorial intent of the exhibition was very close to the current focus of my work:

How much meat enjoyment is ethically and ecologically correct? The Sunday roast? Meat is considered to be a forest and climate-killer. The use of energy is ten times higher for the production of meat than for food crops. We see animal torture and multiresistant germs in the intensive animal production.

Jawurst, C Tom Albrecht

I feel that my work is aligned with this intent and focuses on a specific aspect of the meat industry that is perhaps unfamiliar to many viewers. Through the use of composite images and allegory, the images question the ethics of meat and how we treat animals in high-intensity factory farming environments.

Reviewing the artists selected for the exhibition, I can find parallels with their work while two of them make use of composite images to highlight ecological concerns. Unfortunately, there was not much of the exhibition recorded online to be able to review and compare work directly, which makes it difficult to assess whether my work would have been complementary to the program and the other work on display. However, based on the stated intent, I would like to think my concept was a good fit even if the work itself was not of sufficient quality to display.

The GG3 gallery regularly hosts exhibitions on ecological topics while promoting sustainability. They have an open call to artists, and I have registered for notifications of future exhibitions. I like what this gallery wants to achieve and would like to exhibit work there if the opportunity occurs and my work would be accepted. Although there seems to be a lot of competition and photography is not the sole exhibit of the gallery.


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