Week 11 – Tutorial

Fortunately, the previous Friday I had an excellent opportunity to speak with my tutor about my work in progress and get feedback on how the images were developing from earlier sessions.

During this week’s tutorial, I presented some improvements I had made to the work I am intending to submit for the WIP portfolio assignment.

As a general observation there were noticeable differences in color, tone and contrast between the images. I was aware of this, but it was beneficial to have it pointed out in the review as needing attention.

The sequencing of images were reviewed and talked through, and now that the decommissioned farm shots were removed from the series, it was still not flowing as well as it could. Swapping the first and last images was a good suggestion and I think that also has helped me in ordering the remaining images. However, in making the switch I no longer have a dead pig in the opening shot. This was a strong leading image, but the alternative is more intriguing and perhaps a better setup for the following pictures.

I did not notice it but the image with the Haywain looked like it had been overstretched and this did not look right at all and disturbed the composites in the images which are not distorted. Having adjusted it and changed the colors and crop it is much improved.

During the module I have been deliberating on the use of text and comments for both the individual images and an overall description and intent of the work. Initially, I was against it, but as I read more and received feedback from my tutor and peers, text was going to be important to the work. As the intent of the work is to question the ethics of the meat industry, it is important that the viewer connects with the imagery. Each image is captioned and at the end of the series there is a brief description of the artworks used and a short statement of intent.

I think this setup is ok, I am not fond of ploughing through text before even seeing a picture and have a dislike of verbose commentary accompanying individual images. Although, at the back of my mind, this thought from Stuart Hall niggles away, ‘If no ‘meaning’ is taken, there can be no ‘consumption’.’ (Hall, et al. 1980, p. 117). As this is WIP it still has a long way to go and needs more critical review and peer feedback. It has moved on since the previous module, but I see room for improvement in both the critical context and quality of images.

We briefly covered this CRJ, and that I had a couple more posts to include, but it was essentially complete, I have been keeping it updated for the duration of the module give or take a few days. I intend to check out a few other CRJs of my peers to see if there is anything I have overlooked, but to all intents and purposes I consider it final and the record of my learning for the module.

Final topic was my critical review of practice, I was quite happy with the one I prepared for the earlier video and intend to build on that to include the last 3 weeks of lessons and to brush up on the remarks made earlier by my peers and tutor.


Hall, S., Hobson, D., Lowe, A., & Willis, P. (Eds.). (1980). Culture, Media, Language: Working Papers in Cultural Studies, 1972-79 (1st ed.). Routledge. https://doi-org.ezproxy.falmouth.ac.uk/10.4324/9780203381182

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