Screen walk with Antonio Roberts

I enjoyed this artists talk as his work is in an area that I find interesting and have experimented with similar software for glitching images and audio tracks. A unique aspect is how he is pushing the boundaries of copyright and remixing of content. By taking well-known brand logos and re-sampling it multiple times at what point does it no longer become a copyrighted logo?

As I appropriate the work of others to create composites, there is always the fine line of where you are infringing copyright, generally I stick to free images and public domain to avoid any problems.

The below is a mixture of personal work and an appropriated image looking down a torpedo tube of a submarine, I would argue that the right hand completed image had to all intents totally changed the original content.

This is an area I intend to explore and experiment with further, as it’s another way of extending my work and creating derivatives of the original photographs. One of my intended distribution methods is projecting the work onto objects, combining this with projection mapping and integration with other mediums, sound, film etc. should make for some really interesting project work. This can be recorded and then embedded in my between still images as an additional viewing experience.


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