Week 1 -All the glass we carry

Our first task to start the new module was to post the oldest photograph in our archive and write a small brief providing some background and context to the image. Also introduced during the module leaders lecture is a set of toolbox videos that are a sort of pick and mix of differing techniques and approaches to get you thinking about other ways to approach your work and creativity. These are really thought provoking short films that introduce new ideas or fresh ways to evaluate your practice and potentially take it in a new direction. Either on the current research theme or even into a completely new avenue of exploration and creation.

Starting the new module I still have an interest to continue with exploring the different aspects of the meat industry here in Noord Brabant but I’m struggling a bit on what I am going to be able to do that has some degree of originality and not a rehash of someone else’s work. I had similar concerns at the outset of the previous module so I am hoping I start to see my way in the coming weeks.

During, the week 2 office hours meeting there was a great insight by Gary when discussing originality and how it can be a challenge to see a way ahead. Even though a theme may seem to have been well and truly covered, there are still going to be little gaps where you can fit in and bring a new perspective or interpretation. This is very helpful as it is a good way to look at a subject from an alternative perspective; who has covered it previously, and what has been overlooked or deliberately left out. The latter two are fertile ground for some new and original work, assuming you can identify the gaps and figure out how to tackle covering them.

Onto the forum image.

I started digitising my negatives a while back and this is one of the oldest from the collection. The image is from 1985 to 6 and the location is somewhere in what was West Germany during the cold war. I don’t recall taking this particular picture, but we did so many exercises in those days you lost track of which miserably cold and wet experience you were participating in.

Digitising negatives is not one of my favourite hobbies, and quality varies with patience on the day. Although it’s always nice to see what is on the negative.

Colin pointed me in the direction of a photobook by Jens Leibchen: Stereotypes of War which I want to get a hold of a copy as it covers a time period and area of conflict I am somewhat familiar with, notwithstanding how he has presented the work and the narrative. Another idea was what would happen if I re-contextualized the image with a title or caption. This was not something I had considered or how I could create a complete fantasy narrative around my archive images of that period. Although it is not my present intention to create such a piece of work, it has potential if I run into a dead end with my current idea or more likely for later in the course or FMP.


‘DL07 Stereotypes of War’. n.d. Jens Liebchen [online]. Available at: https://www.jensliebchen.de/en/dl07.

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