Weeks 5 & 6 – Visions to be written

The task was to create a model gallery space and include some recent work. There are no limitations on what constitutes such a space and, as such, use your imagination.

Google Earth has a Photosphere feature where you can take a 360 degree image of your immediate surroundings and then upload them to the GE servers. Others can then see these as blue hotspots on the map and zoom in to see the immediate area. Depending on where you look, a lot of the images include advertising hoardings or walls/spaces that can be modified to include other imagery.

I chose downtown Mumbai, although in retrospect I could have selected a location that was more relevant to the subject. As the work is about the meat industry and factory farming in the EU, a western European city near fast-food outlets might be a better choice. That is not to say that factory farming is not a serious issue in India. I picked out a few locations to hang some pieces of my work on factory farming and added them into the surroundings. Some look out of place and could catch the attention of an alert viewer. However, given the size of google earth world and volume of data, randomly coming across an out-of-place image would be tiny indeed.

Photosphere is an interesting virtual environment to explore and modify. The glitches, redactions and artefacts/repetitions add to the overall strangeness. (3rd image with repeating birds, for example). I see a lot of possibilities with this feature, an interesting experiment that was unsuccessful with the selected content but has potential for further investigation.


SCHNEIDER, Vanessa. 2021. ‘Create Immersive Photo Experiences With Google Photo Sphere’. Geojournalism.org [online]. Available at: https://geojournalism.org/2015/02/create-immersive-photo-experiences-with-google-photo-sphere/ [accessed 26 Sep 2021].

SENGUPTA, Alokparna. 2019. ‘[Commentary] Factory Farming For Eggs Impacts India’s Environment’. Mongabay-India [online]. Available at: https://india.mongabay.com/2019/07/commentary-factory-farming-for-eggs-impact-indias-environment/ [accessed 26 Sep 2021].

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