Weeks 7 & 8 – Interfacing

My pilebrary comprises the books I am using for the MA and a few others that I have nearby that I look at or read quite often. Although for the largest part I try to get books in Kindle format so I can read them on an iPad. This is very convenient for marking up text and saving quotes. I really dislike marking proper books, it looks horrible and spoils the book for later reading. Yellow stickies are just too much clutter.. 


Pig 05049 would be the most used and referred to book currently. It won a Dutch design award in 2008 and I like to refer to it as an example of what a really well-designed book looks and feels like. You can look at award-winning books online but actually having one in your hands is a different experience. You can see and feel the attention to detail that goes into creating such a book. Notwithstanding the great content that needs to be in it. The pet food and bowls are a reference to the meat industry and the numerous animal derived products, which is the theme of Pig 05049 and all the unexpected places you find the parts of a pig.

Christien Miendertsma, Pig 05049

Switching over to how my project is progressing and the assembling and selecting of images to include in an intended photobook/zine for the end of module assignment. Given the large number of images collected it is not practical to print them all out, but I have a pdf draft for reference and look through that regularly, which is helpful. I collected a lot of images online in the past weeks, which is a bit of a handful to sort out. A book designer is helping with the layout and overall setup, so that is a very interesting process in how the imagery and book design develop.

Next week the first rough printed version is ready to hang up with the individual shots I prefer. I still have a couple more images to make and pages to add, so time available to complete is definitely at a premium, although I think a fairly decent dummy book should be possible.



MEINDERTSMA, Christien. 2007. ‘PIG 05049’. [online]. Available at: https://christienmeindertsma.com/PIG-05049 [accessed 25 Sept 2021].

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