Research and progress during the Winter break

During the Winter break between modules, I have been busy with my research project and gathering images while I have some free time. The weather has been reasonable and further exploring the local area has been possible, although the farm tracks are a quagmire in places. I have identified multiple new locations for regular monitoring, … Continue reading Research and progress during the Winter break

Practitioner: Daisuke Yokota, Japan (b.1983)

Provoke was a rough, blurred and out-of-focus style that originated in post-war Japan in the late 60s and into the 70s. Prior to this, Japanese photography was traditionally documentary and not particularly inspiring. This new style set out as per its name to Provoke the viewer. The early founders of the movement include Daido Moriyama, … Continue reading Practitioner: Daisuke Yokota, Japan (b.1983)

The Social Photo: On Photography & Social Media

Pre module reading is by Nathan Jurgenson, The Social Photo: On Photography & Social Media, with the task to post a critical response on any specific ideas or quotes that were of interest. Overall, the book is useful and insightful; I have always found social photographs difficult to place, but lacked any informed arguments on … Continue reading The Social Photo: On Photography & Social Media

Week 11 – Critical perspective

I spent this week completing and handing in my assignment and on joining the forum discussion. This week's topic was to discuss your practice in relation to established critical perspectives. Further, to reflect on the relevance of theory on your practice and what are the most important aspects of communicating and contextualizing photography. I had … Continue reading Week 11 – Critical perspective