Practitioner: Miguel Rio Branco – Brazil (b.1946)

Brazilian photographer (Magnum associate), painter, and filmmaker, his work has focused on Brazil although he has completed many projects worldwide. His images frequently focus on the grim aspects of life in and around cities, by dramatic use of color and light he creates provocative images and impressions of Latin America. He has published many photobooks … Continue reading Practitioner: Miguel Rio Branco – Brazil (b.1946)

Practitioner: Daisuke Yokota, Japan (b.1983)

Provoke was a rough, blurred and out-of-focus style that originated in post-war Japan in the late 60s and into the 70s. Prior to this, Japanese photography was traditionally documentary and not particularly inspiring. This new style set out as per its name to Provoke the viewer. The early founders of the movement include Daido Moriyama, … Continue reading Practitioner: Daisuke Yokota, Japan (b.1983)