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Week 5 – Gazing at photographs

Merry Alperns project ‘Dirty Windows‘ and her voyeuristic vigil perched just out of sight above a toilet window from a sex club raises a multitude of questions on the gaze and where are the limits, if there are any limits at all on intruding on others. The grainy black and white shots capture personal moments … Continue reading Week 5 – Gazing at photographs

Week 4 – Viewers make meaning

This was an insightful and productive exercise, post an image with no supporting text or context and see how your peers interpret it. I chose an image from a long-term series I have been building of cats I see standing in the middle of large open spaces. The theme of the series is ‘Solitary Hunters’ … Continue reading Week 4 – Viewers make meaning

Week 4 – Into the image World

I have spent the last couple of weeks reading further into the encoding/decoding of visual messages and how text is used to orientate or strengthen the dominant reading. Something I keep coming back to is the idea of unstorys. The only definition which seems to come close to describing this is ‘a story which lacks the … Continue reading Week 4 – Into the image World